I tend to spend a large amount of my time on my computer with work.   Hikes and family outings are one of the best ways to energize yourself and make some lasting memories.  By creating lasting memories with our family trips our kids can remember the special moments.


Tonight our son wrote a story for school that was about his two day hike in Alaska.  I thought I’d share the adventure…

2 Day Hiking Trip in Alaska

“The Time I Took a Two Day Hike”

One breezy day in Alaska we set off on a journey.  We were going to make an overnight hike!  On the first day we walked for almost 8 miles over different terrain!  We started off in a forest section with moss and leaves , also a slow incline.  We took a detour to see an amazing waterfall with rushing waters.

Back on, the packs went, for more long hours of hiking.  After all that forest we got high in the mountains into a hilly area with many ponds.  From certain pints you could see for miles into Resurrection bay, Seward, and the ocean beyond.  But before that, we camped.  We walked down to a windy gravel beach by Lost lake and set our tent.

The next day was beautiful with hardly any clouds in the brilliantly blue sky.  In the hills we walked, seeing waterfalls, crystal clear deep blue lakes, and there was even some snow on the trail.  We also saw many other people on the way.  Getting closer to the end was the hardest with our aching feet, and running out of water.  The final part went back to trees and cliffs that you do not wanna look down.

When we finally got down my Aunt, two cousins, and their 2 dogs were exhilarated to see us.  Then we went to town and got tasty pizza at the only “Apollos.”  My feet hurt so bad that I had to wear my wool socks into the restaurant! Even though we couldn’t call on the hike we told many stories to come.  And that was my first two day hike.


So I hope you have the opportunity to get outside with your family and go on a hike your children will remember forever and share with others.

Cheers to your Moments!

– The Flothe Family

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The Best Routes to Alaska, Planes, Car, or Cruise ship

Making the choice to travel by plane, car, or cruise ship can be a difficult one.  I know this year my boys and I traveled the road from Florida to Alaska with our Honda civic hybrid.  We camped along the way and enjoyed the scenic roads.  The hardest part of the trip was the Alcan Highway.  There were so many bumps and heaves in the road, many unknown until you just arrived upon them. It was a memorable trip with the boys and one they will remember for a lifetime.

Our next trip up we will be taking a Plane.  Orbitz has some great airfares when you have planned your trip out in advance.  http://bit.ly/TravelFlights

The other option is to Cruise Alaska.  When I was young my family took a Cruise and we had the most amazing meals and saw whales out the window of the Ocean liner.  It was a trip that I want to take my family on again.  http://tiny.cc/CruiseAlaska

Each way is an Adventure, Enjoy!

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Still cold in Alaska and 90 degrees in Florida

Today is a hot and Muggy day in South Florida, lower 90s with clear skies. We have several brush fires in the area and firefighters are doing their best to contain the fires. We are mowing our lawn today and watering our flowers. Thinking about going to the beach to watch the sunset or visiting the local water park for a refreshing swim.

On the other side of the U.S in Alaska they are still dealing with cold temperatures and it’s not time to plant the spring flowers yet. The mountains are gorgeous with white caps of snow and the bears are still hibernating, although some have been rustling around as it has been announced that it is officially Spring.

There are so many great shows we watch on our Tivo of what’s happening in Alaska. Alaska State Troopers, Gold mining, Bush pilots, outdoor adventures, Fishing, Hunting. When we watch the shows it’s like being in Alaska for a bit. Then the show is over and we can go outside in our shorts and enjoy a lemonade on the back patio.

Our Alaska travel itch is coming and summer will be upon us shortly. Three months of freedom with the kids to travel the states and arrive in Alaska for the summer. This year we will possibly be helping move some of our relatives to sunny Florida for the school year.

Only one more month!

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Summertime Video Of Alaska Trip 2010

We created this video to share the fun we have had in Alaska and the places we visited. It’s a bit long under 10 minutes so take some time and enjoy it.

All the best in your Adventures.
Jim & Nicole Flothe

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Hiking, Hiking and More Hiking

Hiking in Alaska

Alaska has so many hiking trails and so we have spent the summer enjoying the hikes and views from the tops of mountains. We will be making a video of my wife’s and daughter’s trip to Alaska soon. It was so much fun.

For those that love hiking this is the country for so many trails!

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Alaska HDTV iPhone/ iPod touch App (via Westwood Inn (P)Reviews)

I found this blog on an Alaska HDTV app and wanted to repost about it. I know their site is in a foreign language but the article is written in English and so enjoy the story about the Alaska App.

I also like the Alaska Seafood Cook It Frozen App and I recently purchased the Backpacker GPS app to track our hikes and I’ve made a video

Alaska HDTV iPhone/ iPod touch App Nun gibt es auch für Alaska HDTV ein App: What’s in it? Get the latest Alaska travel adventure video episodes from the Alaska HDTV podcast and videos from other great destinations PLUS bonus features such as:   Wallpaper images of Alaska Exclusive bonus videos and interviews Monthly news and updates Alaska travel discounts and promotions Inside Alaska Alaska HDTV is made in Alaska, by Alaskans. If you are looking for an “Inside” view of Alas … Read More

via Westwood Inn (P)Reviews

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Grilling Alaskan Rainbow Trout

We have filleted our Rainbow Trout and now had it for a delicious dinner. Our quick recipe is to grill the salmon in tin foil with several Dashes of Dash seasoning and butter and it’s done when the fish flakes.

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